We believe that being supplied by the best local farms allows you to enjoy ingredients at their peak of flavor. We partner with producers across Abruzzo to ensure from breakfast to dining, you are truly getting a taste of the region’s finest ingredients. Enjoy the bounty of what our Adriatic Sea and local purveyors have produced as we commit to using sustainable local products.
In the morning, our welcoming and helpful team provides guests the best of refreshing re-awakening with coffee, tea, cappuccino. You can choose between salty and sweet, yogurt, mixed juices freshly baked croissant, chocolate corn flakes, muesli, honey, fruit jams, hot beverage, homemade cakes, small pastry and a gluten free corner offer you the perfect combination of protein, carbs and vitamins to get of on a right foot.

Our kitchen unlock your palate as regards accuracy, creativity, quality of each ingredient used.
The main hallmark is represented by a variety buffet served as a starter where our guests can start off their meal by helping themselves to our delicious dishes prepared with healthy vegetables.
It’s possible to choose between meat or fish dishes as a main course. Then our guests can satisfy their sweet-tooth with our homemade desserts.

It is also here a kitchenette where moms can prepare baby grub and coming into the restaurant 30 minutes before the right time.

Special dishes for our guests who have food intolerances to certain substances are gluten-free.